Monday, March 3, 2008

Super Secret

The Peep watches a show called the Backyardigans and they had a special not long ago called Super Secret Super Spy. I really have no sense of how long ago it actually aired for the first time... we have recorded it to the DVR and have watched it a million times.
I bring it up today because Lulu and I were super spies last week as we found three secret tracks on a Kenny Chesney CD quite by accident while we were in a showroom at the World Trade Center. Slick has been so wonderful to burn them from i-tunes for me onto a CD which you can hear if you are in the car with me. Just in case everyone can't fit into my mom-mobile, a link here will take you to the video for the super secret Kenny music. Just in case you are fan. Like me. And The Peep.


The Neighbor said...

I love me some Kenny

Hilldog said...

Stupid work computer!! The site is blocked- good thing I know where the mom car lives!!

al said...

We love the Super Secret Super Spies over here too. I can't wait to hear the super secret Kenny songs this weekend!