Thursday, April 3, 2008

Big Time in The Hill Country

Last weekend the Peep and I went to the wedding of a friend of HillDog and mine in the Hill Country in Texas.

It was a perfectly lovely weekend full of eating the best ever that I did not make my self cinnamon rolls from a place in San Marcus called the Center Point Station. Man those are GOOOOD cinnamon rolls.
It is a good thing I don't live in San Marcus because I would want to have those rolls every day and then I would have to make a rule for myself like Duke has had to do that she can only have the rolls when company comes to call so she does not eat them every day and then I would have just another rule to remember to follow.

So we ate and fed the ducks near Duke's office. This is the one that scared us away from feeding the others. He is diferent from anyother duck we had seen and he was mean. He honked at the other ducks and chased them around. We decided we would leave the pond before he turned some of the duckiness on us.

Then we went to the wedding and it was wonderufl. The Peep was beautiful in a supercute green dress with daisy's on the edge and HillDog and I weren't too shabbily dressed either. The ceremoy was lovely and the outdoor reception in abeautiful setting was just lovely. Did I mention it was lovely?? They had perfect weather for the affair and HIllDog even saw a few bats flying around in the steeple of the reception covered area! I wonder how they train them...


The neighbor who is brave!! said...

That setting looks beautiful and that duck looks weird...might need big daddy to take a gander at that!

Duke said...

I've been thinking about breaking my rule all day- but this time for the onion rings. hmmm

Anonymous said...

So glad you had a great time in the Hill Country at the wedding. I love this photo. It wasn't with the prophotog's offerings and is cute. Too bad we don't have the roll place here and that your email is in giving you trouble.