Monday, April 14, 2008

Monday! Monday! Monday!

What a weekend of unpacking and doing laundry. If people knew how much work a trip would be upon return, would we ever go anywhere in the first place? Definitely. Then I am reminded of people like Slick who travel often for their jobs and I wonder if their return trips are all like this vacation return... I will have to investigate. If you know, please, do tell.

Now that we are home, though there is no beach or graduated heated pool in the backyard, we have many things about which to be happy. How about a list of ten?

1. popcorn at the movies
2. facing the truth
3. marshmallows for dessert
4. bolonaise
5. budding trees
6. starfish
7. waves that crash
8. an open window
9. an epiphany
10. toenail polish at the beach

1 comment:

lulu said...

and I will say, peep's toenail polish was STUNNING!!