Friday, January 30, 2009

The Peep loves burgers

There is a hamburger place in the big city known for having the BEST burgers in the world! A few weeks ago the Peep decided she was ready to try one and we called Hill Dog and went. Immediately. Here you see the Peep waiting for the call of her name signaling the burger is ready.

Here you see her chowing down on the cheeseburger, plain and dry. Without pickles.

What an adorable girl!

Makes the parents proud!


lulu said...

grandparaents Too!

Al said...

YUM! I haven't had a Kincaid's burger in a really long time. Looks like she enjoyed it.

Hilldog said...

Way to go peep glad I could be in on the adventure!

Penelope said...

Meat, cheese and bread only is the best way to go! :)