Wednesday, February 18, 2009


We have a million billion squirrels in our neighborhood in the big city. Partly because we live in an old neighborhood and partly because the neighbors keep their dog indoors... At any rate The Peep and I saw a super funny squirrel activity yesterday!

Putter Rooster is more social than other dogs in the neighborhood and when she has the chance to go outside, she likes NOT to stay in our yard like the well behaved dogs, but to go visiting. Visiting the neighbors. Visiting the neighbors neighbors. Visiting across the street. I think you get the idea.

So when she is outside on purpose, we have her in the harness- her kryptonite- and tie her to the rope that extends to the end of our yard, but not into the street. The rope is a good rope. Cotton and soft. So soft in fact that apparently it is a fine bedding product for squirrels. Ysterday the Peep and I saw a squirrel trying to take the rope, which is tied to a post on our front porch- I know what you are thinking- CLASSY- up the tree to it's squirrel house!

Now I thought it was funny and called the Peep over. Mistake. Last week on Wa Wa Wubsy a couple of beavers ate part of the tree house- one stick of the tree house to be specific and the tree house fell down. The Peep is concerned that the squirrels will pull out the post from the porch and the house will fall down!

I am more worriedthat they might try to adopt a dog...


Marci said...

Cute story. I can totally relate to the dog "visiting". We had to take some drastic measures with our dog too. Now the squirrels tease him - from a safe distance.

Hilldog said...

Nice you ARE super classy with the rope tied to the house, but it is a good thing or the squarls might have gotten the good rope!