Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Why would I want to pay??

Why would the customer service representative at a software company get miffed at me when I said I did not want to pay for technical assistance from a more qualified person??

How is this logical at all??

I called for help (after looking for weeks on their unhelpful website for information.)

I followed her instructions.

The program would no longer open. At all.

Then she suggested I needed a service plan to speak with a technical assistant. No thanks. I'll talk to him but she jacked my program.

Hello?? I was on the phone from 3:15 PM yesterday afternoon until Hilldog came over at 5:00 to relieve me so I could meet with a client- and Hilldog got off the phone at 7:30!

And the technical assistant is supposed to call back this morning! 5 minutes ago.

I wonder if he will call??? Takers??


cdub said...

Oooh, that's maddening.

al said...

My guess is that they never called back. That is so frustrating!