Monday, September 14, 2015

Bagels and Cream Cheese? Nahhhh

Tomorrow is a PTA meeting and I'm a signed up to take food.  I know if you've been reading AWPG long you are aware that I love taking food places- neighbors, meetings, strangers, road trips...
When I asked what my assignment was... this is the email reply I received:

If you want to bring bagels and cream cheese or something similar that would be great. 

Um.  Bagels and cream cheese?  I would have to drive the the bagel shop in the morning and stand in line and hope that I make it to he meeting on time.  I despise being late.  I prefer having my ducks lined up the night before.  I prefer to bake at home.  Oh... there it is.  I prefer to bake at home.  

So, if you're at the middle school PTA meeting in the city tomorrow, pumpkin bread is on the agenda. Post with recipe from 2008  can be found here.  

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