Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I never talk poorly about my clients, but since this guy's decided to go somewhere else, I'll let you in on what he's done.

He called me on Monday morning asking about a masculine invitation that he wanted to use as an announcement.  I told him I'd be glad to help- and he should take a look around the website if he didnt want to come in in person- which he didn't want to do.  Later that day someone totally unrelated to him- a name I didn't know at all sent me an attachment.  Just a blank email with an attachment. 

Hello virus.

I deleted it from the phone before it ever got to my computer.  Then Dr. Strange love emailed later in the day asking if I had anything more masculine.  I sell wedding invitations. There's not much masculine about that.  I called him to see if I could be of help- this is all still on Monday.  He asked if I had gotten the text from the mystery lady- I said that I hadn't recognized the name and had not opened it... out to Google mail trash to find it...  I emailed him a link to a plain white card and asked him if he wanted to proceed.  Did not hear back on Tuesday.

He just called- it's 10 on Wednesday.  Wanted to know if I had printed anything- uh, no.  As I explained on Monday, I don't actually print anything that's what my printing factory is for- and that as soon as he choose a type style, I'd gladly submit his order and a proof would come in 48 hours and ship after that... all of which I explained on Monday. 

He said, and I am not kidding, "I need these this week."  I said I definitely can not do that.  I said again that I don't print anything here.  Even with overnight shipping we can't get them here this week.  He said, "Well I need them on Saturday."  Hello.  Then Wednesday's not a great day to start looking for them!

I totally understand rush orders.  I'm working on one for my college roommate now, but really?  Two days from now you want 75 fancy printed announcements with a really really long message on them.  I am really sorry- but there's nothing I can do to help. 

I wish I could- but unlike our Christmas Elf, Red, I have no magical powers.