Thursday, May 28, 2009

Kicking it Up!

Since the Peep will be starting Kindergarten in the fall, I have started revving up business for the Paper Girl's Paper... Announce, Invite & Delight, LLC.

A little background: Founded shortly after the Peep was born and the Paper Girl realized that although she needed to stay home to take care of the Peep, the Paper Girl could not just sit around all day.

Today: Paper Girl was awarded a distinguished Dealer Award from one of the country's oldest and largest wedding invitation supplier, Carlson Craft.

A little information on the Paper Girl's Company:

How do we meet with you?

All of our meeting are by appointment- either at your office, at my office, or at a mutually agreeable location, like a Starbucks! I have many wedding albums and you flip through them to your heart's content and make a selection that will be perfect for your wedding.

What if I don’t want to meet, I just want to order from the website?

It is totally possible that we will never meet you. All of our invitations are offered through our website and you can place your order directly through it. We will contact you for payment, and other than that, you can do everything from the comfort of your home or office or wherever you have Internet access!

If you find that the ordering process is too daunting after you have made a selection, simply e-mail us all of the details- and we will gladly place the order for you!

Your tag line says Wedding invitations should be the easiest part of planning my wedding... What do you mean that invitations should be easy?

We have a successful proven wedding paper timeline available on our website. Brides who take advantage of our suggested time frames for their wedding paper have been the happiest. We know all of the questions to ask and what to have you consider before we meet to ensure you know what you are looking for before we get together.

Are there hidden charges for things like envelopes?
WHAT??!! Definitely not! All of our printed products come with envelopes free of charge- many of the wedding invitations actually include double envelopes. Black ink is included in the price for everything and it is clearly shown on the website what charge might be incurred with things like ink color changes. The website shows the shipping charge estimate for your product.

If you are in Texas, we are required by the state to charge sales tax.

Does that mean I have to be from Texas to place an order from you?

We ship out of Minnesota, though our offices are in Fort Worth, Texas. We can ship anywhere in North America with ease, and to other destinations with a little planning!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Let Them Eat Cake!

I love cake.
I love all holidays that allow for the consumption of cake.
I love chocolate, lemon or white cake.
I love strawberry cake with cream cheese frosting.
I love birthday cake.
I love birthday cake for breakfast.
I love homemade cake.
I love bakery cake.
I love cake from McDonald's birthday parties of the 1980's.
I love fancy wedding cakes of today.

Yesterday we hosted a baby shower for the soon to be born Jay Jr. and true to tradition... we served cake!

Luckily that little luncheon was here in the Big City so I had to keep the leftover cake... and I just had what is the best cake move of ever- take one bite off of the cake with a fork.... then walk away...

Yesterday's cake was what I might consider my favorite bakery sheet cake right now- a lemon cake with soft fluffy butter cream frosting. These days we like getting it from Texas Star Bakery. They do not know I am giving them a shout out, and I hope they don't mind.

We have had fancifully decorated cakes form them in the past with 3-D flowers coming out of the cake- and I don't mean roses, I mean bluebonnets, daffodils, buttercups... these are really skilled decorators, but yesterday's cake just had polka dots on it and we added a few Fisher Price Little People Animals to spice up the baby shower. No matter- the cake was as fresh as if I had baked it that morning and is still just as wonderful today. MMMMMM. Cake for dessert tonight.

If you are anywhere within a 50 mile radius of the Big City... I highly recommend a trip to Texas Star Bakery. They might make other things than cake- but really who cares?!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Sad Sad Day

Mayfset 2009 has been canceled by the Tarrant County Department of Health due to concerns of the Swine Flu.
Dang them.