Tuesday, June 11, 2013

39 and holding

Slick turns 40 this week.

Years ago when I thought about 40 it seemed like a big number.  40 was the age of the people for which I babysat.  40 wasn't MY age.  And yet as I''ve approached it year by year it's started to seem smaller and less significant until this year.  

As Slick turns the page on another decade this week I am reminded of so many birthdays we have shared together- 30 when we were in Flower Mound, Texas and went to dinner with our parents at Ocean Aire in Dallas and I was the designated driver since I was pregnant with the Peep.  When he turned 25 and we were planning our wedding and we had the first of what would be hundreds of dinner s with all of the in-laws.  26 when we were just the two of us in Augusta, Georgia and I cooked a whole duck for dinner while talking with Slick's mom on the phone almost the whole time.

We've had good birthdays and ok birthdays, good cakes and pies, funny cards and late presents- but what matters most is what we're having this year:  family.

I have another 6 months before I have to turn the page on another decade so I think I will just hold a while and savor it- like my Memaw would have reminded me to as she sang along to her 8-track- One Day at a Time.