Saturday, December 20, 2008

Good Morning

Putter Rooster woke me up with the "Buddy Wake Up Game" this morning at 6:02. For those of you who are not familiar with that particular game, it goes like this:

The Peep wakes up and calls out, "Mommy, I'm still asleep. Come wake me up!"

Then I go into her messy messy messy room and find two stuffed animals, buddies, to play with to "wake her up."

The buddies say things like, "We can't get her to wake up," and "it's a school day today, I hope I get to be the sleeping time buddy!"

Eventually the Peep gets up and we start the day.

Putter's version involves rolling around on the bed on her back scratching off all of the shedding fur onto our white blanket and sneezing a lot.

Man kids are fun.

Monday, December 15, 2008

10 things...

Where is the cold coming from??? Yikes!!

10 things to be happy about:

1. the beach
2. a beach towel
3. coconut scented tanning lotion
4. Miami Vices by the pool
5. G & T by the pool
6. a warm pool
7. new shades
8. a convertible
9. lying on a hammock in the shade of a palm tree
10. birds of paradise in the flower beds

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Whew. Where have I been?

So sorry for the LONG delay in posting. We have been having loads of fun in the Big City and I have not taken the time to let you know all about it.

Let me see... The Peep turned 5 as I mentioned and we have a wonderful party which was recorded for posterity by my wonderful friend Allie Cat after my camera died a horrible death during the first five minutes of the party. Here you see the Peep and a few friends with the stars of the party a couple three of the cheerleaders from the nearby college.

Here you see Allie Cat's two boys enjoying hot dogs.

I love those boys!

The very next week was Thanksgiving and in traditional crazy family style we went to the extended family celebration in Central Texas for an afternoon of delicious food and fun with the family. We returned home that evening to our crazy neighbors pyromania leading to a fire in the back yard for smores, hot chocolate and the telling of lies, jokes and stories. The Peep was in rare form by the fire improvising songs about the day, the fire and Christmas.

The Crazy Cat lady and her super nice husband took the Peep to the movies to see Bolt- which Slick and I understand is super funny. The Peep had a wonderful time being a princess for the day with them and it extended into the next day when the Crazy neighbors gave her their birthday gift make over princess style.

Then we hosted lunch for 20 of our most fun family and friends and Busia made 2 delicious turkeys for Thanksgiving Part 2.

The next week Slick whisked me away to Arizona for a few days of much needed R&R including facials and massages for both of us and new bright red toenails for me.

Here you see Slick enjoying dinner one of the nights Fred Flintstone style with what turned out to be the MOST MOST MOST delicious meat I have ever eaten. I would move to Arizona to eat this meat more often. It was that good. And funny.