Friday, March 27, 2009

Happy Spring... Happy List

Welcome back friend.

We have missed you.

I see that you have brought little green buds to the trees and crape myrtles.

I love that about you.

Welcome Spring.

Things to be Happy About this week:

1. Clearing your head
2. sharing
3. being barefoot in the grass (soon!)
4. baby leaves
5. tulips
6. organizing your goals, closets and life
7. a tan people notice
8. looking forward to Easter ham
9. pink stuff
10. preparing to make egg shaped cake balls!!


lulu said...

Spring is my most favorite time of the year - not the cleaning and organizing stufff, but the planting and cleaning out flower beds. Plus, summer is next - I love me some sunshine and heat!

al said...

egg shaped cake balls = YUMMY!