Tuesday, June 17, 2008


So I have this friend.
I have known her since freshman year of undergrad. She is a lovely tall blond academic with a heart of gold and red lipstick. She is quick with a prayer and quicker with a hug. She knows I have been crazy busy with life- really who isn't- and she sent me the most lovely expression of friendship last week.
She knew that I would be insane with paper this week so she sent flowers last week so I would be able to enjoy them!

Thank you, friend.


Anonymous said...

I'm just Grateful to be your friend!

cdub said...

Hmm....That girl sounds familiar! And she is a great gal indeed!

But, uh, where are MY flowers Ms Tall, Blond, and Academic??

Hilldog said...

That friend IS a great one!!

lulu said...

Thanks GREAT FRIEND !! We got to enjoy the flowers too, and they were most lovely.

al said...

What a great friend, indeed!