Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Lucky 13 Happy List

It's been crazy. I am sorry for the long delay in getting back to you but I have been trying to get Knotty Knotes launched.

Market is next week and there is literally paper all over our house. I feel badly for Slick- he went out of town last week for 4 days and came home to the devastating effects of Hurricane Knotty Knote all over our living room, dining room, kitchen and guest room. Thankfully Market is next week in Dallas so the devastation will be partially cleared out then when I take the "show on the road" as they say.

I don't know who they are, but I think that they say show on the road.

Anyway. I would like to take this moment to thank all five of my loyal readers for their patience and help through this launch. In the form of the Happy List- this week with Lucky 13 items...

1. My Webmaster has been a dream. His lovely assistant wonderful to work with in producing more professional looking photos than I make.
2. The Peep helping with stamping SAMPLE onto the... samples.
3. Hill Dog for helping everywhere- especially in Office Depot yesterday with my $400 purchase.
4. Thank you to Lulu for counting and tying knots and agreeing to be the Boss to my Owner status.
5. Thank you Chief for the sales training- we need to refresh...
6. Thank you to the investors for their money.
7. Thank you to Busia and Papa for the moral support and ribbon cutting.
8. Thank you Gran Gran for coming to help with the sample assembly.
9. Thank you Mayhem friends for the talking through during Mexican Train and Quick books advise.
10. Thank you Duke for the phone calls and e-mails of encouragement.
11. Thank you Cooking Momma for the hugs and Diet Coke breaks.
12. Thank you Big Daddy for the phone installation.
13. Thank you Slick for picking up the slack around the house and coking lots of dinners.


Penelope said...

Praise the LORD you are still alive. Can't wait to hear how it goes. Keep us posted!

The Neighbor(cookingmama) said...

And thank you Paper Girl for the endless support and conversation!
We are a stapling over here

lulu said...

Keep cooking slick - you can't ever be a "kept husband" unless you work hard during the "hard times".

Paper girl you're going to be a great business owner!

Hilldog said...

You know I am glad to help whenever I can- I am trying to earn my company car (hehe) love you and working for you, well at least most days!

the neighbor who is still stapling said...

PS i did look at the website and i found it very user friendly!!

The Neighbor who is done stapling FOR NOW said...

Happy Birthday Slick and Father's Day too,,,

al said...

You are going to do great at market!! I can't wait to hear all about it. The webmaster's assistant thanks you for the opportunity for some adult conversation (and the Diet Coke too). :)