Friday, July 11, 2008

Paint Maker

Hill Dog and I just picked the Peep up from school. She was sitting in the back of the play ground with two other girls playing with sidewalk chalk. They were "making paint."

The Peep told us all about it in the car. "You know,"- she said matter of factly. "You make chalk dust and put it in a shovel or bucket or clam shell or something and then add water and then you have paint." The Peep had it on her hands because she was the one mixing the paint. Hope was the one who gave out the recipe, but she had already been picked up when we got there. Mean girl was painting her war stripes on her face when I was driving away and the whiner was asking if we were going the Chuckie Cheese for dinner. Uh- NO.

So there you have it. The Peep is a chemist. Or an artist. Or a mess maker. I am not sure which- but man, she sure is cute!


the neighbor said...

Love it!! Glad you are back...told you i check in frequently

lulu said...

picking up some of those family traits somewhere...maybe...