Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Rocking Peeper

The Peep has been carrying around Slick's shuffle all day calling it her i-pod. Then this afternoon she remembered she has a Fisher Price Kid Tough MP3 player. She went on a scavenger hunt looking for it and found it with a dead battery in my night stand- stashed after some vacation suitcase unpack pre-party throw around, I am sure.

So she has been rocking to the tunes all evening in the car and at home and just a few minutes ago I went upstairs to see if she was indeed in her pajamas as I had requested no less than four times... to find her in her zebra gown from Christmas in Cowtown- her favorite- with her fisher price pink kid safe headphones on jamming with her Barbie guitar by the light of her artificial aquarium.

Rock out Peep!

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Penelope said...

picture! you need a picture of that!