Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy Hallowwweeennnn

The Peep and I LOVE LOVE LOVE Halloween! We have been decorating for a couple of weeks; but watching "Martha Stewart's Halloween Special" which aired in 2007 on Fine Living Network for a year. It is sponsored by Krobel. And birth control pills. And the "talk to your kids about sex" campaign. And a winery in California that was giving away a trip for 2 to be winemakers for a day.

Last year.

At any rate- my crazy neighbor loves my mantle and I do too so I thought I'd share a picture.

You can see that it is already a lovely shade of Halloween black so it really needed little adorning.

But you know well enough to know that that did not stop me; I adorned away. And then I took it off and started over and decided to stick with the spooky black understated candles on several footed cake plates and silver and clear glass candlesticks with jet black tapers. I don't think you can see it well, but there is a black garland on the top of the mantle too- you know- like Christmas garland- but in spooky black...

Hope it gets you in the Halloween mood!

The last picture is the top of Slick's bar. It is a lovely piece of black furniture that we keep all of the non-refrigerated adult beverages stored inside. Hanging above it is a 190's mirror that was Slick's Aunt Frances and Uncle Frank's.

I love that mirror.

And in the reflection of the mirror you can catch a glimpse of one of Aunt Frances and Uncle Frank's crystal lamps. They have giant crystals (think Pollyanna) that hang from them but we don't have them on right now... they make the lamp's so heavy I am not sure there is a piece of furniture in the house that could support them!

And by the way- if you live anywhere remotely close to us and can get here by car, this week would be a good one to stop by because Lulu and I are hosting a luncheon on Tuesday and the house looks as good as it ever has... and smells pretty dang good too!


CookingMama said...

i am on my the crazed neighbor

lulu said...

I just love it when you decorate for Halloween!!