Sunday, January 25, 2009

16 List from BC

Months ago BC sent me a link for Facebook that I recently figured out how to post... thought I'd share it here too... Something about how you list 16 things you like and send it to 16 friends...

1. I love cows. Cows are cool. And tasty.
2. So are Knotty Knotes.
3. I love when the weather permits the opening of the windows for some fresh air.
4. I love the feeling after the house is clean.
5. I love that the Peep is getting rid of some baby toys to make room for her big girl life.6. I love caramel apples.
7. I love when the tulips start to poke out of the mulch because they are Slick's favorite flower.
8. I love daisys in vases all around the house.
9. I think it is funny when the squirrels play tag in the yard.
10. I love a freshly vacuumed car.
11. I love meeting for lunch. Or Dinner.
12. I love that my sister lives 4 blocks away. I hope she moves soon. But not too far away. Something we can get to in a car. Like not Hawaii. Or London.
13. She probably won't move to London because she has lost her passport. In her house.
14. I have lost my sanity. In my house.
15. I love taking a 30 minute nap. Every day possible. Like today.
16. I'm not sure working form home is working out all that well for me. It's 2:38 and I'm on facebook, have a load of wash in the washer and dryer, have a kid taking a nap and a dog that REALLY wants me to nap with her on the couch. I just might.


Hilldog said...

I am not planning on a move to London... but a move could be in the works...

lulu said...

I seem to have raised children who lose things - in their homes - maybe it's in Chief's genes.....