Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Have you ever?

Have you ever gone on vacation to come home to a mess? I remember in high school my friend and her family went away to her grandmothers for Christmas to come home to burst pipes, ripped out carpet and ruined furniture. While our mess was not quite to that scale, we did return from the beach to a hole cut in the ceiling of our guest bathroom.

Apparently the Peep's potty- which is rarely used except if we have company- has a leak in the pipe that drains away form the potty and into the nether land of pipes and water. While we were on the beach lounging in the sun and frolicking in the waves, the pipe was drip drip dripping.

Into the bathroom downstairs.

You might think to your self- self, how can two bathrooms connect like that? The sad answer is that they aren't supposed to. According to the HillDog who came over to feed Jack and Box, she heard dripping and wondered why we would have dripping when we were gone gone gone. She looked for the source and legend has it found the paint and previous layer of kiltz from another leak in the same spot- hanging from the ceiling like a giant bubble.

Being the strong independent woman she is, she called Chief, our dad. Being smart in the ways of home-care, Chief told HillDog how to turn off the water so that the drip drip dripping would hopefully stop and he rushed right over to check on the damage, 16 hours later after a good sleep and breakfast and a couple of cups of coffee.

We had our cell phones programmed for the internationalness of our trip by the fine young people at the Verizon Wireless store and I had told my parents, who were Putter-Sitting, if there are any problems, don't hesitate to call, we have turned our phones on.

Apparently everyone but me and my parents and HillDog knows this, but to call an internationally programmed cellphone with US numbers, you have to not only dial the 10 digit number you would normally dial, but you have to add the 1 to the beginning. Since this was news to me upon our return from the beach, I had not shared this little tidbit of information and we got none of the many messages about the water drip drip dripping.

So now this week we have had a visit from the plumbers and are looking forward to a visit from Mr. John the drywall man.

Man this is fun.

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al said...

That is no fun at all! Good job HillDog for not ignoring the subtle drip, drip, drip noise and acting fast. Thank goodness she came over to take care of Jack and Box and was able to catch the leak before it was able to drip another 2-3 days.