Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I'm UP!

Windows Vista and Outlook 2007 have been the bane of my existence for the past week.

My poor webmaster has had a headache every time I have talked to him. He has changed my e-mail service.

It did not help until tonight when I was on a live chat with Royce of the HP team and he fixed everything with a link.

It turns out that there is a Q/A part to the server I needed that said I could change the number for the outgoing server for my e-mail portal and when I did it I immediately sent 8 messages form my outbox!

Thank you Royce.

And thank you webmaster for putting up with my whining for a week.


lulu said...

I'm happy - I got the email you sent me last Wednesday with install dates !!

al said...

I'm so glad you are up and running!

BC said...

Yay! I did a play-by-play on my blog: