Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Big Auntie's Salmons

This is the Peep with Big Auntie. She was our Memaw's sister who lived here in the Big City near us our whole lives and who could do the cool grandmotherly things like sew and cook and give big hugs and good advise.

In my memory her Christmas tree was always decorated with blue ball ornaments. Did this really happen? I am not sure- but I certainly remember it vividly. Her Chocolate Pie was legendary in our family and that six sided pie pan that I baked the blueberry pie in was hers. I am honored to have it. I will treat it as carefully as she did- you know, washing it by hand because she never had a dishwasher...

Last night I had to call Lulu to get this recipe for the Salmons. I am happy to share them with you and delighted to mention that they were delicious last night. If you have not had them before, they are like crab cakes, but made with salmon. I read a couple of cook books looking for recipes and they use things like fresh salmon and fancy bread crumbs. Not so much Big Auntie.

Big Auntie's Salmons: serves two adults with a couple left over for the next day or a family of 4 where the youngest kid only eats a couple of bites... (Hilldog!)

1 can of salmon- we always had honey boy, I think as a kid, but last night the Tom Thumb brand was perfect
2 or 3 saltines crushed depending on the amount of liquid in the can
1 egg
a couple of tablespoons of finely chopped onion or a few shakes of onion powder
salt, pepper and garlic powder
a little flour
and the secret ingredient: 1 tsp baking powder

Dump the can of salmon in a bowl, juice and all. Sift through to remove the large bones. Fluff the meat and add the crackers, egg, onion, salt, pepper, garlic and baking powder. Mix carefully and add just enough flour so the mixture holds together. Shape into 7-9 patties- you want them al little thin so they can cook through before turning too brown when they cook. (I added the step that I coat the patties thinly in flour before dropping them into the oil. Do this only if you want.)

Heat a little oil- maybe a couple of tablespoons only (I use canola) in a nonstick pan and "fry" the cakes. It might take 2 or 3 minutes on each side depending on how thin the cakes are. Remove to a paper towel lined platter and eat one of them to make sure they are super tasty. It will probably take two batches, add oil between them so second set of the cakes get nicely crisp like the first.

Add a little more oil to the pan and then a couple tbsp of four and whisk to combine. Salt and pepper the flour mixture and continue to whisk while adding some milk and making cream gravy. Let the gravy cook a couple of minutes while you add more milk or water depending on how thin you like it.

Serve the Salmons on a bed of mashed potatoes with the cream gravy.

Smile and think of a wonderful Aunt who made everyone who she loved feel like the most special member of her family.


the neighbor said...

Big Daddy loves him some salmon patties - this will make him really happy and me b/c we have a big can of salmon in the pantry. the kind of scarey men were indeedy the yard clean up crew.

Hilldog said...

I don't remember the tree, but I do remember the chocolate pies!! Thanks for the post it started my day off well!

al said...

Do you have the Chocolate pie recipe? I love chocolate pie, and if hers was legendary, hopefully you will be able to share it with the rest of the world. :)

lulu said...

You do Big Auntie proud! The blue tree (that is, trimmed in blue) was as real as real can be!!