Sunday, September 28, 2008

Cowgirl Peeper

The Peep and Slick went together to the boot store to get a new pair for the Peep. She still has the fancy boots from last fall, but they are far beyond fitting though she still insists on wearing them around the house from time to time. The last time she got a couple of blisters and the next day she and Slick hit the local boot store together.

They found her a sassy pair of boots and she has taken them off only to sleep since, and even then, she sits them right next to the bed so she can put them on immediately when she wakes up with her gown! And for Zoo school since you have to wear kicks there- and so she has Shocks for those days...

Here she is going to school 2 weeks ago-

and here she is showing off the shoes she was wearing with that dress :)


lulu said...

a proper texan can never have too many pair of boots - everybody knows "sugar", boots are the best!!

Hilldog said...

she is just like a real cowgirl! They always keep their boots right by the bed in case they have to make a quick exit!!

Oh and love the cheese photo a niece after my own heart!!