Monday, May 12, 2008

Baby it's really cold inside!

Dare I say that on Saturday after the AC brainiacs left that the downstairs was... cold?! They claim that all of the ducts are now (again) connected and even on the hot hot hot Saturday, we were shivering!

Which leads to Sunday. A lovely Mother's Day by any standard. Made even more lovely this year because the Peep and Slick did all of the dishes. Heaven. I really don't mind doing dishes but it was wonderful to sit and visit and know that they were being handled by a 4 year old and her daddy!

So things to be happy about today- along with tons of clean dishes:
1. French silk pie
2. Pioneer Woman's Cinnamon Rolls
3. Hash brown quiche
4. Cards signed in many colors
5. Sisters agreeing to share the spotlight
6. Vacation Drinks
7. Champagne with lunch
8. fresh pineapple
9. all of the family at one table
10. pink polka dot plants

1 comment:

lulu said...

#1 Son in law and the Peep did a fantastic job with all of the "Mother's Day" preps. The food was DELICIOUS!!