Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Love the Zoo

Today is the Peep's last day of Zoo School for this school year. Slick and I are going up at the designated parent time to see all of the kids in the classroom, share snack and hear a song. Or something like that.

She is really excited to go back in the fall- which is apparently cool with them- as there is a three year revolving curriculum. I thought Museum School would be a good choice- until I found out it is only 2 hours long.

I mean, what can I get into in only 2 hours a week?? Hello??

And there is not currently a museum as it has been demolished to make way for the new and improved museum. So last summer when we went to the zoo and looked around and said hey do you think this would be fun to do every week for 3 hours Peep was like YES!

Well when we drive by the construction zone of the museum... it is a little harder to sell.

We have loved the zoo time- learning about the animals, meeting new friends, going into the zoo almost every week and having animal visitors in the class room! A penguin the first week! And snakes, a porcupine, an alligator, a macaw... the list goes on!

Thank you to the zoo genius who thought getting edZOOcated was a good idea. It has been great for all of us!


Hilldog said...

you are such a goober with the edZOOcated it brings such a nice touch!!

The Neighbor said...

because food is so close to my heart...what was the snack? Tell LULU she can now leave comments - i fixed it.

al said...

I know you will be missing zoo school during the summer. We always love learning new and interesting animal facts from the Peep.

lulu said...

I love zoo school - you never know what wonderful item of knowledge would pop out of the Peep's mouth about one of the zoo's inhabitants.