Tuesday, February 5, 2008

We've Got the Fever...

We've got the fever for the flavor of a Pringle.

Well not exactly, just the fever part. The Peep has been sick since Friday night and the days keep rolling by with her still having the fever and coughs and general yuckiness. We are headed to the doctor for the second time in seven days. Peep already told me this morning that she is not interested in having the pink antibiotic medicine and that Tylenol is just fine.

I am thinking when in her four years did she have time to attend medical school??

Last night at 12:30 when I got up with the dang dang dog Putter Rooskey, I checked in on the Peep and she was hot as a mackerel. Is that right? Hot as a trout just does not seem right. So I got the Tylenol out and we talked for 30 minutes about the benefits of taking the medicine even thought she was "nervous" about taking it.

The girls is wonderful. If only I could make her well with my magic wand…

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Al said...

So sorry she is still sick. Isn't it great that our kids seem to know what medicine they should and should not take. Why bother going to the doctor? Hang in there!