Sunday, January 13, 2008

Letter to Jack Ingram

Just in case you Google yourself from time to time, I would like to write a letter to you Jack Ingram, country singer, to say thanks.

I have seen you many times over the years- mainly the ones when I was an undergrad with too much time on my hands and girlfriends with too much disposable income.

We saw you at the Aardvark, the Pig, the Sigma Chi something or another... one night we drove to visit Duke in Waco and saw you after an opening by some new guy named Pat Green. Thanks for the beer that night which you purchased for me when I said Hi to you at the bar.

It has been these last couple of months though that I have enjoyed you most. Months where the Peep has been belting out your songs from the new CD. She and Slick went to the local Best Buy to pick up a copy and they listened to it on the way home- Peep loves the local radio station- and they love you- playing your songs often- much to Peep's delight.

She is particularly fond of "Number 11, Mommy... skip to number 11!"

The first time I heard the Ava Adelle song I said to Slick that he better not listen- he is not too good with songs about daughters... I love it though- hearing you go form crazy bar brawl versions of Whiskey River- a wonderful rendition- to this lovely song about you daughter- nicely done.

I guess the Road does Truly go on Forever- and man- with a kid to sing along with- The Party NEVER Ends.


Penelope said...

It sure didn't FEEL like we had too much disposable income! I will never forget your love of Jack's song about the red dress!!!

Paper Girl said...

I did LOVE Mary Go-Round!

Al said...

Oh, the fun times we had going to see Jack! I can't even count how many times we saw him - not to mention all the hours we spent listening and singing along.