Saturday, January 26, 2008

Pure Fun

Girls weekend is more fun that one can imagine. If you have not been on one in a while I will let you know you should do it. Soon.
There are things that happen on one that just don't normally go on in life. At least in my life. Maybe in some collegians life. Take the 4 hour trip to get to our destination. Fun filled car singing complete with mini-microphones and an ipod stocked with 2,000 of the best singing songs ever. We had a wonderful time playing name that tune and try to distract the other drivers ,. Our biggest fan was the driver of the Muzak truck on I-35. It was pure girl fun.

Take the stop at the roadside convenience store for "supplies." Tasty pumpkin muffins and kolaches. YUM. Not so for the pickled eggs. nice for having Biscuit pose beside, not for purchasing so much...

Arriving at our destination we happened on a herd of deer- seriously 10 deer in a neighborhood!

And then there is the shopping. WOW the shopping. We spent a few hours at the Pottery Barn and William-Sonoma outlets. OUTLETS I tell you. Things were begging to jump into the buggy. A buggy at William-Sonoma!!! And like everything in the store was an additional 60% off! They were practically paying me to take things home!! Well, I guess I had to pay the, $203.97 to take everything home, but I had three big bags!!

I know today is going to be a red letter day as well because for the first time in a long time I slept until 9:oo and we are having some of the world's best donuts for breakfast. SHIPLEYS! Got to run before they are all gone!


Penelope said...

So, where are you??

al said...

So fun!! I can't wait to hear all about it!

lulu said...

What's in the William Sonoma bags?? I'm sure WONDERFUL prizes!!

cdub said...

i'll eat pickled eggs and donuts with you anytime. ;)