Thursday, January 31, 2008

Sassy Hoops

Slick and I have a set of friends that we have had since Slick's MBA program days who are more fun than a barrel full of drunk monkeys. They were our crazy go out to dinner friends who loved Mac and Cheese as much as we and were willing and able to share bottles of wine. Then we had the Peep and we went out less often since most of what we talked about when out was that little stinker and since we liked being at home in comfy clothes watching the 46 inches of high definition glory that Slick got as an MBA graduation gift.
As fate would have it, our super-cool-fast-car-driving-minimalist-urbanite-but-living-in-the-suburbs friends became preggers with a set of wonderfully beautiful twins. Jules stays at home now with the two beautiful ladies and has started a business: Sassy Hoops. She was always super crafty and very creative and when she told me she was starting a hooping business I thought: COOL! If someone can do something creative with the plastic Wal-mart hula hoops it is definitely her. Oh how little I knew.
The Peep and I met for lunch with the two lovelies and Jules mainly to give them their "yeah you are born gift" (a mere six months after their birth) and secondly to get our own hoops. You can see from the picture that the basic white and red are no where to be seen. Peep and I actually have "Preppy Mint" colored hoops and we really are enjoying them! I can't wait for it to warm up a little- ok a lot- so we can hoop it up in the back yard.
Check out Jules' site if you might live in the Dallas area and be interested in taking a Hoop Class- that is right. Hoop Classes. How cool are these people!!??
If you live near me in the big city you might see me in the yard hooping with the Peep. Her hoop is sized for her little peeper sized body and she can hoop in the house. Adult hoops though are much heavier and larger than their child sized counterparts and man they are a workout!

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Allison said...

How fun! I wish I had known about this a month ago. I had the hardest time finding hula hoops for Mason's party. Perhaps they were just sold out post-Christmas. Who knew they were so popular!